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Wash All The Cloth
  • Get Ready for Cloth

    Things to have to start your diaper journey

    · A 1/8 measuring cup (1 oz), A 1/4 measuring cup (2 oz)
    · Detergent
    · Borax or similar precipitating water softener (if you have hard water over 140ppm)
    · Calgon or similar non-precipitating (if you have hard water over 180ppm)
    · OxiClean or similar Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate

  • Washing Cloth Diapers

    Wash vs. Prewash

    · Only bulk up the main wash with small items.
    · Large items like bath towels will trap diapers
    · Do not add extra rinse cycles at the
    end if you have hard water. It will cause mineral build up.
    · Fluff between the Prewash and Main wash

  • Caring for Cloth


    · Never ring diapers out.
    · A wet pail poses a drowning risk!
    · Never add bleach to a wet pail
    · Never let synthetics sit in a wet pail mor than 8-12 hours
    · When soaking natural fibers add 1/4 cup vinegar to 4 gallons of water

  • What is Correct?


    · There are as many ‘correct’ ways to clean diapers as there are disposables in landfills. What works for one person may not work for you.
    · Start Simple. Washing your cloth diapers should not take a ton of effort.
    · Know your water hardness. If you have hard water do not add extra rinse cycles, you are just redepositing the minerals on your clean diapers.
    · Use bleach, vinegar, baking soda and other harsh chemical sparingly and always follow directions.
    · Read the care labels on your diapers.
    · Do not place diapers in a boiling pot of water.
    · Never wash your diapers with soap.

  • What is Right?

    Detergent Notes

    · There are a lot of detergents available
    · Soft water requires LESS detergent
    · Hard water requires a water softener like Borax, Raindrops or Calgon
    · Using a detergent with fabric softener will cause issues in the long term
    Do Not Add Fabric Softener
    · Using a plant based soap or detergent may not get your diapers clean.
    · You may need to try different kinds of detergents.
    Persil, Tide & Gain come highly recommended in the diaper
    community but you should do your own research.


Sample Detergent Mix for a Front Load HE Washer
180ppm Water Hardness

Prewash (all powder into drum)
· 1/4 cup Water Softener (Calgon, Borax, A&H Raindrops)
· 1/4 cup Detergent

Main wash (all powder into drum)
Fluff Diapers, pull away from drum make sure nothing is still folded
Add small items to bulk up load
· 1/8 OxiClean or similar Sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate
· 1/4 cup Precipitating water softener (if you have hard water over 140ppm)
· 1/4 cup Non-precipitating (if you have hard water over 180ppm)
· 1/2 cup Detergent
It may sound like a lot of detergent but your drum
should be 3/4 or more full for the main wash

Wash & Drier