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An Overview of Diaper Types
  • Covers

    Using Covers

    Covers are the 'Plastic Pants' of yesteryear.  They are the barrier that keeps baby's clothes dry.  
    Covers can be made of PUL/TPU, wool and sometimes fleece.  Covers go over a absorbant insert, folded diaper, fitted or countour. 

  • Pockets

    Using Pockets

    Pocket diapers are most commonly made of a PUL/TPU shell  with a sewn in liner.  The liner may be made of microsuede, microfleece or athletic wickng fabric.  The liner acts as a stay-dry barrier against baby.  An absorbant insert is used to pull the fluids through the liner away from the skin.

  • Inserts


    Inserts can be made from a range of materials.  Inserts must be absorbant so that the fluid does not leak out of the cover or pocket diaper.  Iserts may be made of hemp, bamboo, cotton, microfiber or some combination of absorbant fibers. Inserts are often shaped lto fit inside of a cover or pocket.  

  • Absorbancy

    Additional Absorbancy

    Flats / FST - Flats or FST are commonly made out of cotton.  They are either folded around the infant or folded into a pad. 
    Fitted - A Fitted diaper is an abosorbant layer that is covered by a barrier cover.  A fitted diaper is commonly made of cotton, hemp or bamboo and is shaped like a diaper but lacks a barrier to keep moisture of clothing.  
    Contours - Contours are similar to fitted diapers but they do not have elastic or closures. They are countored to wrap around the infant and held in place by a cover.  The cover must have elastic in the legs and at the back to insure that moisure and waste is contained.  

  • All in One Cloth Diapers

    Using an AIO

    An All in One Cloth Diaper is a single step washable solution.  Must commonly used for infants, AIO diapers have a coated outer layer and sewn in absorbant layers.   

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