Get the Family together

As you begin to plan for a new child you may find a lot of resistence to the idea of using cloth diapers. Bring the family together to learn about cloth and to see if it is right for your family.

Get Discounts on Your stash

Ready to build a stash.  Get a group together for a mini shower.  There are a range of fun ideas for getting your stash built up.
Each Diaper Debut Class will have special packages based on the needs of the participants!

Be ready

Make sure that  you have the information that you need so that you are ready for a new addition.  


Learn New things

Classes can be created to meet your needs.  You may want to have a 1-1 class to learn the basics, or you may be interested in getting a larger community group together.  We are ready to help make Cloth mainstream.

See Enviornmental Benifits

Interested in a community outreach program? We are happy to help your community group spread the word of the benefits of cloth.  We work closely with programs that can help families get into cloth at low or no cost to the family. 

Build a Stash of Cloth

Preperation is key.  From helping with loan packages through national 501(c)3 programs or buying directly from us: we want to make sure every familiy has the opportunity to try cloth. 

Cloth Diaper Debut

Cloth 101

The Modern Cloth "Diaper Debut"
Introducing you to the most misunderstood baby product 
What we will cover
- Why use cloth
- What is modern cloth
- How to use cloth
- Overview of caring for cloth
- Overview of diaper need
- Overview of Supports Available

Each class will have special packages based on the needs of the participants!

Cloth Diaper Covers